Learning the language should always be kept fun and engaging. Our station games will keep you on your toes, solving the puzzles and completing the tasks within the given time for points. Only one group will emerge the winner! 


At the end of the programme,

  1. participants will be able to enrich their command of the Malay Language through fun and games

Pri 3 to 6

Target Group


90 minutes

60 pax per session

No. of Pax

There will be 5 language game stations that the participants will be fully engaged in. The language aspects that they will be challenged with includes Peribahasa, Bina Kata, Imbuhan and others.


At each station, participants will be required to complete the challenge as a group. Points will be awarded at the end of each successfully completed task. Once they are done at the station, the group will then move on to the next station in the given clue card and attempt the tasks at that station. Once the whole game is completed, the Games Marshall will tabulate their scores and the group with the highest score will win the game.

In this programme, participants will not only acquire language skills, but they will also learn the values of teamwork, perseverance and respect while having fun.

Lesson Brief

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