M1017 - Pelekat Motivasi (SIRI KOMIK)

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Kini pelekat motivasi Bahasa Melayu terdapat di dalam kotak!
   ✓ Lebih mudah - tarik pelekat dari tepi kotak
   ✓ Lebih banyak - 150 pelekat setiap kotak
   ✓ Lebih ekonomi - harga yang lebih berpatutan
  • 150 stickers per set (10 designs)
  • Dimensions : 25mm x 25mm
  • Mirrorkote paper
  • Glossy surface
*Additional costs for postage applies.
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Customer Reviews

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Mahirah Malek
Something more preschool friendly please?

Design-wise, the illustrations are eye-catching and the font used is readable for the older preschoolers. Majority of the designs are appropriate for them. The adhesive is also good.

However, for preschool, phrases such as Perbaiki Tulisan Kamu or Semak Kerja Dengan Teliti (or the like) are discouraged because we focus on building their confidence through praising their effort not commenting on the result. They are also still dependent on the teachers to check and correct their work so they have not developed that skill of reviewing their work and self-correcting.

shahidah noor
Good quality, prefer previous series’ layout

The stickers are of a good quality as always, just that I prefer them to be in its usual layout (like those of the galaxy series) as it’s easier to select a particular type of sticker instead of having to roll out the length of stickers to find the one that we need.

Siti Maryam Mohd
Pelekat Motivasi

gambar yang menarik!! sangat disukai oleh murid-murid

Nur Erliana
More designs

I really like the aesthetic of the current motivational stickers. Wish there’s more designs to choose from! 👍🏼