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Welcome to my humble blog at cakcakkuti.com!
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has given me your never ending support all this while. When I first started this business, it was mainly to cater to the Malay teachers who find it extremely hard to find Malay Language resources and materials for the students. Well, I would know because I was a teacher myself.
I remember having to go to JB to search for charts and decoratives in Malay. It was such a big hassle, having time to go only on a weekend and the perpetual jam at the causeway. Oh the horror!

So back to Cak Cak Kuti. From just posters and stickers in 2013, Cak Cak Kuti reopened with a big comeback in 2014 and quickly escalated to carrying a variety of products in both Malay and English language. All the products in Cak Cak Kuti are designed and produced by yours truly so be rest assured they are unique and fun, with students and teachers in mind.

The Good News
So, in appreciation of your support all this time, I would like YOU to be among the first to know this very exciting piece of news!
Cak Cak Kuti will be having a booth at the NIE bazaar next week!
We are gonna be in the flesh! We're going back to school! Wheee...!

Picture source: www.nie.edu.sg

At the booth, look forward to Cak Cak Kuti's vast range of products. I'm pretty sure there'll be something that'll tickle your fancy! Furthermore, I will also have new products that are yet to be launched online. So be among the first to grab them!

Wanna hear more good news?
When you purchase at the booth, not only will you save on postage fees, you are also entitled to more discounts! Simply save or print the coupon below, flash it during your purchase and we'll give you a 10% discount!

Save this image.

Isn't that awesome?
So, make a date with me!
See ya there!