Event - Cak Cak Kuti Goes Back to School!

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Cak Cak Kuti had our inaugural event at the NIE Bazaar recently. The 3-day bazaar was held from 19th Feb 2014 at the National Institute of Education, my alma mater. Stepping back into that place after 8years was so surreal. That familiar feeling was met with a tinge of pride and joy for having gone through 2 memorable years there. I missed that place...
...and the food! Hehe!
So anyway, back to the bazaar.
Since it was our first ever meet-in-the-flesh kinda event, we didn't know what to expect or whether we had brought enough stocks. Turns out, some of our products were so popular they ran out on the first day! Even our biz cards ran out too! Haha! Lucky for us, our supplier agreed (with much nagging under his breath) to rush our orders and we managed to replenish our stocks on the third day of the event.
During that event, we met with an overwhelming crowd. Many friendly people and many familiar faces from IG and FB. It was such an awesome experience where we got to meet some of you ardent fans! Hehe..
From the bottom of heart, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you who made time to drop by and for all your purchases. I know there are those who really wanted to come down to NIE but couldn't, due to whatever reason (I know because you have been texting me on FB, IG, SMS, WA etc and sorry for any late response as we were kept so busy during that 3 days), I promise there will be more 'meet-and-greet' sessions to come. Hehe!
Thank you to my family who helped out at the booth. Because of your presence I got to set up the booth in a presentable manner and also managed to have lunch and toilet breaks in between. So thankful for that!
Thank you to friends who not only showed their support by dropping by, but who also made purchases, helped market Cak Cak Kuti's products and delivered ice-cold vanilla latte just for me!!! Such awesome friends I have!
We look forward to more events like this in the future and aim to provide the best products in the market!
See you again soon!
Cak Cak Kuti