15 Evidence You Are Definitely A Singaporean Teacher

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Teaching is the noblest job in the world. Sometimes, you can spot a teacher just by looking at their appearance.

But you can't be any more Singaporean with a teaching diploma if you show these signs.

1. You probably spent your best years of being a teacher in NIE.

This is before all the stress and responsibilities of being a trained teacher entail. Most of the time you only stress about getting to tutorials on time and making it through the assignments and exams.

National Institute of Education
(Photo courtesy of Newsweek)

2. You are forced to master abbreviations like a pro.

Welcome to ABCPS. You are the FT to P4A teaching EL and SS. You will be conducting FTGP with your Co-FT, Mrs Tan SF. Here’s the meeting room where all the KPs and HODs hang out often. By the way, when you are going to claim your LDS don’t forget to submit AOR to the GO and get P or VP’s signature, ok?

3. Every 12th is your favourite day of the month.

You standby at the ATM even before you receive the email by AGD.

4. Popular bookshop is probably your favourite hangout.

And you have been a member for as long as you can remember.

5. Your go-to email account is called iCON.

Probably the first and last website you see every weekday, and some say weekend.

6. You don’t have to struggle to clock in 100 hours in TRAISI.

There are more courses available for you than the buffet spread at Hilton Hotel.

7. You look forward to the school holidays but cringe at the exorbitant air fares during that period.

Everyone seems to be flying off in June and December.

8. You bring a stack of papers to mark during your outings, hoping to squeeze in whatever time you have to clear them.

But we all know what happens most of the time, right?

9. You go to the school’s Teachers’ Day Dinner looking like you’re going to a Halloween party.

With themes like Hollywood, Hawaiian, Disney Movies, Monsters vs Aliens (ok we're kidding here), teachers are now more adventurous and daring with costumes. It's the night to let their hair down and go crazy without the presence of their students. So why not go all out?

10. You don’t know what to do with all the mugs, chocolates and flowers you receive yet again on Teachers’ Day.

Well, you can always donate those things to the Salvation Army, isn't it?

11. You count down to the year you get your Connect Plan.

4th year, 7th year, 10th year, 15th year and so on. 

12. You have an uncontrollable urge to whip out your red pen and correct the grammar and spelling mistakes you see/hear.

13. You have to set aside budget nearing Children’s Day to buy gifts wholesale.

This is the best time for businesses selling snacks, stationery, personalised items, wholesale items etc.

14. You have 101 Whatsapp groups for all the different departments, events, projects, cliques, lunchkakis etc.

15. Coming to school sick is better than taking medical leave.

It's because you have to prepare the lesson prior to getting sick and then do damage control to make up for the days you’re away being sick.

So which of these evidence hold true?


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