Balik Kampung (The Good Old Times)


Back in the kampung days, children learnt to use scraps they collected around their neighbourhood and invented games with the items to occupy their time. These recycled items include coconut parts, metal scraps and gunny sacks. Let’s relive the good old times and immerse yourself in the fun kampung spirit with these games!


At the end of the programme,

  • participants will be able to experience playing the traditional games that are unique to the kampung days.
  • participants will learn the value of teamwork, perseverance and respecting one another through the hands-on activities.
    60/90/120 minutes
    Target Group
    Any age group
    No. of Pax
    60 pax per session
    Lesson Brief

    There will be 5 traditional games stations that the participants will be fully engaged in. The organiser will be able to choose from an array of games like Lereng (Bicycle Rims), Bola Tin (Tin Cans), Guli (Marbles), Tarik Guni (Gunny Sack Race), Tapak Kuda (Horse Shoe Race) and many others.


    At each station, participants will learn more about the traditional game and get hands-on experience playing the game in their groups. Once their time is up, they will move in an orderly manner to the next station and repeat the process for the next traditional game.

    In this programme, participants will learn the values of teamwork, perseverance and respect while having fun.

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