Batik Painting Workshop

 Batik Painting

Bringing story to life with our very own animal puppets that are surely loved by the little learners. Come dive into the world of animal stories with us!


At the end of the programme,

  • participants will be able to appreciate and learn more about the art of batik painting.
  • participants acquire some basic techniques on painting on the pre-waxed batik cloth.
        60/90 minutes
        Target Group
        Any age group
        No. of Pax
        Min 30pax per session
        Lesson Brief

        Participants will learn more about the origins of Batik and the different types of Batik Painting that are available in the region. They will be introduced to the traditional materials used in the art form and get a feel of a product that is made of batik cloth.

        Due to safety, we will not be making use of the hot wax that is traditionally used in the first step of batik painting. A pre-waxed cloth will be given instead to each participant, including other painting materials such as dyes and paintbrush. 

        Participants will firstly watch a short live demonstration of the basic painting techniques by the instructor. Once done, the participants will then be engaged in their own painting session.

        At the end of the workshop, each participant will get to bring home their masterpieces.

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