Games Equipment Rental

Finding it hard and costly to search for traditional games equipment, only to use them once?

Cak Cak Kuti offers rental of games equipment to help you save costs and avoid the hassle of getting them.
Our traditional games equipment can offer you great fun at your school's event and even family gatherings!
Rent, don't buy! Channel your focus on having fun!

Kindly ensure that you have read all the terms and conditions below before you make any reservations.
Email to for reservations or enquiries.

 No. Image Description Price Per Set

Bola Tin

  • 20 x tin cans
  • 10 x foam balls

Item code: R01BT


Tapak Kuda

  • 4 pairs x tapak kuda (modified for safe play)
  • 1 pair x authentic tapak kuda

Item code: R02TK


Lereng (Bicycle Rim)

  • 4 x lereng
  • 8 x sticks

Item code: R04LE


Tarik Guni

  • 4 x gunny sacks

Item code: R05TG




Kindly ensure that you have read all the terms and conditions below before you make any reservations.
Rental Terms 
  • Rental period is 3 days, inclusive of collection date. For example, if rental starts on Monday, equipment should be returned by Wednesday.
  • The price stated above is only for the rental of the equipment per set.
  • Extension of rental period is allowed during booking and chargeable at $5 per day per set of equipment, subjected to availability of equipment.
  • Equipment can be collected from our office in Woodlands 11 building or delivered to your address. Delivery charges apply.
  • All reservations are subjected to the availability of the equipment. Do reserve early.
  • For games equipment purchase, kindly drop us an email at

Payment and Cancellation Policy  

  • No fees will be imposed for cancellations. However, early notification for cancellation of rental is very much appreciated.
  • Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or cheque addressed to Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies. For schools, payment can also be made via e-invoice.
Additional Charges
  • A S$50 security deposit is required upon collection of equipment. It will be fully refunded upon return of the equipment in the same condition.
  • A flat rate of $30 will be charged for the delivery service of items per trip.
  • A fine of $10 per day will be imposed for late return of items.
  • Any damage to the equipment will incur damage costs that will be deducted from the security deposit.

For reservations or enquiries, kindly email to