Games Equipment Rental

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 No. Item Code Image Description Price Per Set
1. R01BT

Bola Tin

  • 20 x tin cans
  • 24 x foam balls
2. R02TK

Tapak Kuda

  • 4 pairs x tapak kuda (modified for safe play)
  • 1 pair x authentic tapak kuda
3. R03GU

Guli (Marbles)

  • 3 x sand pit
  • 3 buckets x sand
  • 1 box x marbles (est 100 marbles)
4. R04LE

Lereng (Bicycle Rim)

  • 4 x lereng
  • 8 x sticks
5. R05TG

Tarik Guni

  • 4 x gunny sacks


Terms & Conditions

Rental period 

  • Rental period is 3 days from collection date.
  • A fine of $10 per day will be imposed for late return of items.

Payment and Cancellation Policy  

  • Clients are required to give 3 days prior notice for cancellation of rental.
  • Clients will have to make full payment of items rental and $50 damage deposit charge upon collection of items. Damage deposit charge will be returned to client upon return of items in good condition. Damage deposit charge will be forfeited if items are returned damaged.
  • Payment can be made in cash or cheque addressed to Cak Cak Kuti Educational Supplies. For schools/organisations, payment can also be made via e-invoice.

Delivery Charge

  • A flat rate of $30 will be charged for delivery service of items per trip.

For reservations, kindly email to

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