International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day

This day plays an important role in promoting peace and harmony with your friends and the larger community. And playing with friends is just one of the ways we can help to inculcate good relationships amongst us.

Let us celebrate International Friendship Day with you!

Enjoy some pictures below of how we celebrated International Friendship Day with Zhonghua Primary School with the theme 'A Celebration with ASEAN friends'!

Batik Painting

(Above) Batik Painting: Everyone in the school played a part in painting this massive batik cloth.

Tarik Gini


(Above) Kampung Games: The pupils and teachers took part in some kampung games like gunny sack pulling and bicycle rim.

Tinikling Dance

(Above) Tinikling Dance: In tune with the theme of the day, the Tinikling Dance from the Philippines was introduced to the school and they had so much fun dancing with the ladies!

ASEAN Matching Game

(Above) Costume Matching Game: Testing their knowledge on the costumes of the ASEAN countries by finding the correct match.

We're glad to see all the happy faces on that day. What the pupils showcased that day was not only learning of the different cultures and games around the ASEAN region, but also teamwork and respect towards their friends.


Let us know how you want to celebrate your International Friendship Day and we'd be happy to help!

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