Khat Calligraphy Workshop

 Khat Calligraphy

Khat calligraphy is an artistic practise of handwriting using brushwork based on Jawi scripts. Jawi is written in a modified Arabic script and read in Malay. Did you know that Jawi was the official script in most parts of the Malay Archipelago, including Singapore, for more than 700 years?


At the end of the programme,

  • participants will be able to learn basic Jawi alphabets written in Khat Calligraphy style.
  • participants will be able to write their names in Jawi on the cover of a notebook.
          60/90 minutes
          Target Group
          Primary 3 and above
          No. of Pax
          Min 30 pax per session
          Lesson Brief

          Learn the beautiful art of Khat Calligraphy using modern tools!

          Participants will get to learn the basics by sounding and writing the Jawi alphabet using the calligraphy marker pen. Once they have practised writing the alphabet, participants will learn the technique of joining the letters to form a single word.

          Once they have mastered the basic techniques, participants will then learn to write their own names.

          At the end of the workshop, participants will write their names on the cover of a notebook for keepsake.

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