Silat Workshop


Did you know that Silat is the oldest martial arts in Southeast Asia? Not only is Silat a form of self-defence, its techniques and movements are also widely used as a beautiful artistic number for events like wedding and cultural performances.


At the end of the programme,

  • participants will be able to appreciate and learn more about Silat.
  • participants acquire some basic skills on Silat movements that are geared more towards artistic performance than as a self-defence technique.
            60/90/120 minutes
            Target Group
            Any age group
            No. of Pax
            Min 30 pax per session
            Lesson Brief

            Our Silat instructor has had at least 15 years of silat coaching experience and is a certified Provisional Coach for Silat under the National Registry of Coaches and a PA Trainer. He has also been teaching in schools and organisations throughout Singapore and overseas.

            Silat can be learnt either as a martial art of self-defence or as a form of artistic performance. In this workshop, participants will be learning the basic techniques of Silat that is used in performance art.

            At the end of the workshop, participants will demonstarte what they have learnt in a short showcase.

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