Silat Workshop

Silat Workshop

One of the oldest martial arts that originated in Southeast Asia is Silat. More popularly known in the Malay archipelago countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and even the Philippines, silat has gained popularity worldwide as a form of self-defence and also for its artistic values.

Programme Details:

Brief In this workshop, participants will learn basic silat performance movements.
  1. Participants will be able to appreciate and learn more about Silat through slides presentation.
  2. Participants acquire some skills on basic silat movements that is geared more towards artistic performance than as a self-defence technique.

Target Age Group : Any

Max no of participants per session : 60 pax

1 Silat Instructor : 20 pupils

Classes can be conducted in English or Malay

Participants will be able to showcase a silat performance.

Duration 90 mins
Cost Kindly enquire for rates.


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